Kristina Keneally drops an f-bomb live on air


There's a big difference between reading a speech to Parliament and reading the news live on television.

Former NSW Premier and Sky News presenter Kristina Keneally learned this the hard way on Thursday afternoon as she attempted to read from a Twitter exchange.

Ms Keneally was discussing a humorous exchange between the South Australian treasurer and a fake Twitter account pretending to be the embattled Commonwealth Bank. 

MP Tom Koutsantonis tweeted about another investigation launched into the bank, which the parody account responded to. 

'For f***s sake Tom, we've got enough to deal with,' the tweet read.

'We don't need you flapping your lips.' 

Perhaps the humour overwhelmed the 48-year-old, as she read quickly through the tweet, not stopping herself when she reached the forbidden word. 

Kristina Keneally (above) swore on live television while reading out a Twitter exchange between a fake Commonwealth Bank account and the South Australian treasurer

Kristina Keneally (above) swore on

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