Transplant survivor buries own heart in emotional video


A woman who received a heart transplant has buried her old one under a tree in an emotional ceremony.

Israeli artist Sharon Fidel, 46, had a cardiac arrest in 2016 after suffering from heart problems for more than a decade after becoming pregnant with her daughter and she urgently needed a donor for a transplant.

She received a new one three months ago when the family of a 16-year-old fatal traffic accident victim agreed for his heart to donated.

When she recovered, she decided to drive out to a remote area and bury her heart with the strange but emotional ceremony captured on video, which is accompanied by music from the hit US show 'The Love Boat'.

At the start of the video she puts on a pair of latex gloves and takes her old heart, which is in a white plastic bucket, out of the back of her car.

She explained that her heart was being kept in the pathology department of a hospital for research purposes. 

Fidel then walks walks through some trees and begins

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