Mother-of-five who encouraged terror attacks spared jail

A mother-of-five who encouraged terror attacks on the UK after joining a pro-ISIS Facebook group was spared jail after a judge said 'the sooner you get back to your children the better'.  

Farhana Ahmed, 40, from north-west London, was a 'prolific' contributor to the Facebook group called 'Power Rangers'. 

The closed section, which had 1,406 members, described itself as a 'pro-ISIS group, the purpose of it is to connect mawhideen brothers from different parts of the world and to help each other'.

Ahmed used the fake name Kay Adams to encourage terrorism on the social media site between September and November 2015.

Ahmed is expected to be sentenced at the Old Bailey by Judge Christopher Moss on Tuesday

Ahmed made 19 separate Facebook posts which 'directly or indirectly encouraged terrorism both within the UK and abroad' and 'liked' other extremist posts.

Her postings included a speech by an ISIS spokesman and a link to an 'extensive online library' of terrorist publications, prosecutor Ben Lloyd said. 

The Old Bailey heard today Ahmed's five home-schooled children, aged between six and 16, had suffered 'greatly' after she was arrested in July last year and held in custody.

She was given a two-year sentence suspended for two years after pleading guilty to one count of encouraging terrorism and three counts of disseminating a terrorist publication.

Judge Christopher Moss, QC, said: 'In the Autumn of 2015 you opened a Facebook profile in the name of Kay Adam, a name which you had invented.

'In the two months which followed you published statements which were direct or indirect encouragement to others to commit acts of terrorism.

'You circulated terrorist publications on your Facebook page again in the name of Kay Adam and it's clear that your posts attracted a large number of followers.'  

The judge accepted that Ahmed was 'suffering extremely difficult personal circumstances' at the time of the offences and had since shown 'completely genuine' remorse.

He said: 'Although your marriage subsists, your husband's involvement with the family

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