Man attacked by swooping magpie while paragliding in Vic

Extraordinary footage shows a paragliding man swooped by a territorial magpie The man was peacefully drifting through the alpine region in Bright, Victoria  One magpie refused to leave him along and a second bird eventually joined

By April Glover For Daily Mail Australia

Published: 23:58 GMT, 31 December 2017 | Updated: 23:58 GMT, 31 December 2017


A man enjoying a peaceful paragliding session was interrupted by an aggressive and territorial magpie which repeatedly swooped him mid-air.

Extraordinary footage shows the pesky magpie fly circles around the paraglider as he soared above the mountains in Bright, Victoria's alpine region.

The threatening bird refused to leave the man alone as he gently drifted through the air, and at one point flew

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