1950s propaganda video says drug users lucky to die early

This shocking drugs propaganda video from the 1950s which claims drug addicts are lucky if they 'die early' has resurfaced today.

The controverisal clip, produced in the United States, was created to help law enforcement agencies learn about the difficulties of tackling drugs.

An ominous beating drum plays in the background as the film's two narrators discuss how drugs are 'poisoning the blood of our country'.

The 90-second video features disturbing imagery of grown men swaying and writhing uncontrollably, intending to illustrate withdrawal symptoms.

Another man who has overdosed is covered by a white sheet.

An additional shot shows a young woman, assumed to be under the influence of drugs, being dragged out of a police car while frantically kicking and screaming.

Meanwhile, one of the narrators comments: 'If he is lucky he dies early - maybe from an overdose, maybe from

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