Anguish for Tom Daley as new naked selfies leak online

Olympic diver Tom Daley is facing new anguish after naked selfies of him in the bed he now shares with his husband were leaked online.

One of the images shows the 23-year-old athlete lying in bed looking into the camera with a ring clearly visible on his finger - while in a second he is seen in an erotic pose.

He is seen alone in the pictures which were taken in the bedroom he now shares with husband Dustin Lance Black, 43, in Southwark, south London.

They appear to have been originally sent using the app which automatically deletes images seconds after they have been viewed.

But an unscrupulous user could have secretly taken a screenshot without the athlete knowing.

At the top of the screen, the letters 'TD' can be seen in an apparent reference to his name. 

A spokesman for Mr Daley confirmed the images were genuine but refused to say when they were taken or to whom they were sent.

The athlete has instructed lawyers to send 'take-down' notices to websites hosting the pictures after they were uploaded to a US website and shared on Twitter.

Less than a year ago Daley confessed to having an online tryst with another man during a secret relationship break in 2016. It is thought that the images were taken in that period.

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