animal coordinator fined $30k for 40 violations

A man who supplies animals to the 's television and movie studios has been told he can no longer supply or handle animals for entertainment purposes. 

After years of PETA complaints against animal exhibitor Sidney Yost the U.S. Department of Agriculture USDA has revoked Yost's license to exhibit animals and fined him $30,000 in fines for more than 40 violations.

Yost has made headlines in the past for beating animals with sticks and feeding them contaminated food, but now authorities have finally cracked their own whip. 

The violations concern breaches of the federal Animal Welfare Act that occurred between 2008 and 2010.

Yost, who ran his own animal supply company, Amazing Animal Productions, Inc. has been responsible for animals appearing in some of the most successful films in recent years including Logan, Get Out, 12 Years a Slave, The Hunger Games, and Lee Daniels' The Butler, among many others. 

But according to PETA, his bad behavior and mistreatment of animals goes back 20 years and he has had previous lawsuits in which he had to relinquish custody of four chimpanzees and cease working with great apes after facing allegations of beating the primates in his care.  

USDA documents reveal how Yost and his employees repeatedly used physical abuse to handle animals, including a monkey named Rowdy and a lion named Romeo. 

Physical abuse was also used to handle wolves with handlers using sticks to strike tigers.

In the USDA's initial decision, the judge stated that Yost's 'use of a wooden cane and the threat of the use of it were too commonplace.'

Yost, who operates out of his 58-acre Movie Ranch near Covington, Louisiana near New Orelans was accused of providing substandard veterinary care, shoddy shelter and poorly cleaned facilities. He was also unable to account for the acquisition of some animals.

In other shocking findings, the lives of members of the

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