Gas supply could run out as demand hits six year high.

Britain could run out of gas as intense demand caused by plunging temperatures outstrips supply.

National Grid, the operator of the gas pipeline network, has issued a 'gas deficit warning' as the nation ramps up the thermostats.

It has been forced to ask suppliers to provide more as demand for the fuel hit a six year high.

Forecasts suggested the country is facing 48 million cubic metres shortfall.

Britain could run out of gas because of plunging temperatures as consumers demand more for heating in the freezing weather

It means large gas users, such as gas fired power stations, industrial units and large businesses will be asked to use less gas.

It raised fears that factories would be forced to close up and down the country, but National Grid insisted businesses had protocols in place to use less gas if supplies run low.

Households will only be asked to use less as

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