Boy gets a LEGO stuck up his nose

A little boy was filmed begging his dad to help him get a LEGO out of his nose At first he insists he doesn't know how the toy got up there, but eventually admits he put the LEGO head in his nose The boy finally gets the toy - and some snot - out of his nose after he blows hard  

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Published: 16:48 GMT, 1 March 2018 | Updated: 18:37 GMT, 1 March 2018




Everyone knows the pain of stepping on a LEGO, but it turns out the tiny building blocks also make their way into kid's noses.

Hilarious footage shows the moment a little boy asks for his dad's help in getting a LEGO head out of the unlikely place. 

'How did he get up your nose? Did he climb up there?' the dad can be heard asking.

'Did he climb up there?' A little boy was filmed asking for his dad's help after he got a LEGO head stuck in his nose

'Did he climb up there?' A little boy was filmed

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