Police sergeant Clive Garton bugged victim's home and then raped her

A Police Sergeant faces jail after stalking and raping a woman before begging her not to report him because he feared being sent to prison.

Clive Garton, 56, bugged his victims home using recording devices disguised as plugs in her lounge and bedroom so he could 'hear her every move'.

A jury heard he stalked her 'for years' by following her car around and bombarding her with text messages 

In October 2016 he visited her home and raped her on her landing after the pair had a row.

Clive Garton, pictured, 56, has been found guilty of raping a woman after bugging her home with listening devices he bought off eBay so he could 'hear her every move'

Lewes Crown Court heard he then pleaded with her not to report him and offered to 'sign a contract' agreeing to do whatever she wanted in return.

The court heard Garton was on duty at a far-right protest march in Margate, Kent, on October 22, 2016, he made 24 phone calls to the recording devices, bought off eBay, so he could hear what was going on in the house.  

Later that evening, he visited her and the pair got into a heated row, leading to him throwing a sewing box across a room.

The court heard the victim then sat on the stairs waiting for him to leave, at which point Garton straddled her and started kissing her despite her telling him to stop multiple times.

She tried to escape up the stairs, but Garton raped her.

The court heard she told him afterwards that she had not consented to sex, to which he replied that he thought she was 'playing'.

The woman phoned police to report the attack while he was still in the house, leading to Garton 'pacing up and down and holding his head in his hands'.

During the 999 call, made at about 11pm that night, the woman said: 'He got me up on the landing, pushed me down and just had sex with me. I didn't agree to it at all.

'He is still here now. He was begging me not to phone.

'He has just asked me to tell you that I have made it up - unbelievable.'

Garton asked her to withdraw the complaint, insisting he would give her whatever she wanted in exchange and would commit to it by signing a

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