YouTube shooter Nasim Aghdam asked for a job the day before attack

A woman who shot and wounded three people before killing herself at YouTube headquarters went to the building the day before to ask for a job.

Nasim Aghdam scoped out the YouTube campus on April 2, asking employees for directions to the main office, before being directed to the front desk where she inquired about employment, San Bruno police have revealed.

That night she slept in her car in a parking lot about three miles from Google headquarters in Mountain View. 

The next day, police say, she practiced shooting at a gun range before driving to YouTube, parking her car in a garage and walking to a door leading to the courtyard.  

A image from video provided by the Mountain View Police Department, Nasim Aghdam is questioned by officers after being found asleep in her car in Mountain View, California

Police say she ignored an employee who asked for a YouTube identification badge. 

She also had the handwritten address of Google, which owns the video-sharing site, in her car at the time of the shooting.

The department said it appears the 39-year-old committed the April 3 attack because she was displeased with YouTube's business practices, which family members say she complained were costing her income and an audience.

San Bruno police Commander Geoff Caldwell later told The Associated Press that investigators may never know exactly what prompted

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