Are cancer patients being 'abandoned' by the NHS?

Cancer patients are still at risk of the disease returning for years after their treatment on the NHS ends, a study suggests.

Researchers looked at more than two million US cancer survivors to determine the danger period during which they remained at 'high risk'.

But when the figures are compared with how NHS patients are treated, follow-up appointments conclude before this 'danger period' ends.

The study suggests ovarian cancer patients should see an oncologist for nine years – when they only do so for five years in England.

Cancer patients are still at risk of the disease returning for years after their treatment on the NHS ends, a study suggests

How fitness trackers could help victims 

Fitness trackers could help improve survival among cancer patients, a study suggests.

Apps that record the amount of time people are in bed or active give clinicians a clearer picture of their patients' health, particularly if they are trying to give doctors an over-optimistic impression, researchers said. The technology could be used by the NHS, according to lead researcher Dr Jorge Nieva. The findings will be presented at the American Society of Clinical Oncology annual meeting this weekend.

Dr Nieva, of the University of Southern Carolina, said: 'Our clinical interactions are relatively short with patients so we don't have a huge amount of time to put people through their paces to evaluate what their performance status actually is.'

Meanwhile, lung cancer patients are getting five years of follow-up when they are recommended by the researchers to have seven years of appointments. 

Joyce Robins, director of Patient Concern, said: 'This is such a life-changing disease and to think that after recovering you're on your own is very scary. 

'It's terrifying that cancer patients are being abandoned like this. People should be getting the full follow-up they

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