man found dead after 13 hour pokie binge

Gary Van Duinen was found dead after a 13-hour gambling bender

Gary Van Duinen was found dead after a 13-hour gambling bender

The last time Gary Van Duinen was seen alive was when a taxi driver dropped him off in a patch of suburban bushlands after a 13-hour binge on poker machines.

His body was found six days later by a search and rescue team.

But when Gary's mother got wind that he hadn't returned home that night, she didn't phone his friends or family, she went straight to check the local pokie venue.

On his last day, police believe that Gary, 45, commenced his pokie spree before noon, visiting multiple pubs and clubs, before leaving the Dee Why RSL shortly before 2am.

Gary's mother, Joy, has made a plea for venues to take more responsibility, saying: 'If someone is sitting at same machine for 16 hours do you go over to them and say 'mate are you OK,' or do you go and get them another drink?'

His wife, Sonia, told The Sydney Morning Herald that his gambling habit exploded two years ago, when he won around $60,000 in the span of a fortnight.

His winning ways didn't last, as he quickly lost that money and more, determined to get back on top.

His mother, Joy, is angry as much as she is in grief at the loss of her son, as she questions

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