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Crazy Rich Asians has done the impossible - created a romantic comedy not only funny and dazzling but politically relevant too, without betraying its genre-bound duty to warm the heart.

Starring the American comedian Constance Wu and British-Malaysian up-and-comer Henry Golding, the cast of Crazy Rich Asians had a lot resting on its collective shoulders.

As the first major movie to feature a majority Asian cast since The Joy Luck Club, the rom-com based on the novel of the same name knew it was heading towards a watershed moment for representation on screens.

First and foremost, Crazy Rich Asians is a Romantic Comedy of the highest order - it takes tropes and embellishes them with the same amount of gold filigree as Awkwafina's parents' home in Singapore ("modelled on the palace of Versaille... and Donald 's bathroom").

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You've got your sweetheart Rachel Chu, swept off her feet by Prince Charming Nick Young, who invites her to join him on a trip home to Singapore for his best friend Collin's .

But Nick Young turns out to be rich. Crazy rich. And with those riches come his mother, Eleanor Young (played by the extraordinary Michelle Yeoh), his grandmother, and a whole host of filial duties Rachel was not prepared for.

The movie has a few subplots which seek to shed light on other strained interpersonal relationships, from the 'rainbow sheep of the family' Ollie (Nico Santos, who breezes through his comedic timing with aplomb) to cousin Astrid (Gemma Chan), unhappy in her marriage and hiding the spoils of her family's wealth so as not to make her husband feel less of a man.

The subplots are a bit clunky and suffer from a lack of exposition - particularly Awkwafina as the best friend Goh Peik Lin whose New York grandeur and almost tactless (but never abrasive) nonchalance get the best laughs.

Crazy Rich AsiansCrazy Rich Asians: The movie is a fanciful rom-com which makes a political statement too (Image: WB)

Characters who exist to thwart Rachel are simply there as plot devices, but they add an element

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