#TheWalkingDead'S Carl Grimes star reveals another BIG plot hole

Chandler Riggs, who played Carl Riggs, only recently exited The Walking Dead in what was a very traumatic death scene.

Carl was one of The Walking Dead’s fans’ favourite characters on the show and viewers have watched him grow up since the show first began way back in 2010.

Yet, Chandler recently revealed that one plot hole in relation to his character has been confusing him for many years.

He pointed this plot hole out whilst appearing on an episode of Serious Questions with Screen Junkies as he told the hosts that he always felt a little bit confused at the rate at which Carl aged compared to the show’s other characters.

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Carl’s ageing has actually been a running joke among fans of the show, and it seems as though it was with the show's cast and crew as well.

His speedy ageing became very evident after his mother, Lori Grimes (played by Sarah Wayne Callies), gave birth to her and Shane Walsh’s (Jon Bernthal) baby, Judith.

His sister seems to age very slowly compared to Carl, and that was one of the plot holes that Chandler addressed in his Screen Junkies video.

“How old am I?” asks Chandler in the video.

“I aged like seven years in about two years of zombie apocalypse time and at a much faster rate than my sister,” he adds.

“Do I have a mutation of the walker virus that causes me to age quicker?

the walking dead season 9 spoilers carl riggsThe Walking Dead season 9 spoilers: Carl Grimes star reveals another BIG plot hole (Image: AMC)

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