Russia to STOP sending US astronauts to International Space Station unless new ...

US Russia Space stationRussia will not transport US astronauts after April 2019 (Image: GETTY)

The concluding of the deal could put strains on the working relationship on the ISS between the old cold war foes.

No new deal has been arranged between the US and Russia, with the deadline on the current agreement expiring in April 2019 - just eight months away.

Russian politician Yury Borisov, who oversees the military and Russian space programme, said the landing of the Soyuz-MS spaceship in April “will finalise the fulfilment of our obligation under a contract with NASA”.

The agreement made that Russia would fly US astronauts to the ISS was made in 2011 when NASA closed its space shuttle programme.

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However, since then relations between the two nations have rapidly declined.

The US placed sanctions in Russia in 2013 after it invaded part of Ukraine.

Further sanctions were then placed on Moscow earlier this year

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