Will Ruth Langmore return to #Ozark #season3 ? Fans desperate for major new plot

The first two series of the series feature stars Jason Bateman and Laura Linney as a struggling couple in the lead roles.

Fighting to keep his family together in the middle of his criminal activities, Marty Byrde (played by Jason) races to the other side of the country following a money-laundering scheme gone wrong.

Forced to pay off a serious debt to a Mexican drug lord, Marty barely manages to keep his head above water while providing for his wife and two daughters.

Yet amongst the drama, Ruth (Julia Garner), a 19-year-old woman from a local criminal family, became one of the favourite characters on the entire show.

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But will she return? And what will come next for her?

Season two of Ozark saw the Byrdes under even more pressure to get more money for the drugs cartel, and the finale ended with the entire family’s lives hanging precariously in the balance.

Ruth became a loyal employee for Marty by the end of the series despite their rocky start, but some serious changes could mean the grieving character ends up turning on him once more in season three.

For one thing, Ruth has wanted to get her hands on Marty’s money all the way along throughout the show.

The death of her father could have been the final straw, leaving Ruth gearing up to take her revenge on the Byrde family and everyone else whom she deems partly responsible for her devastating loss.

Ozark season 3 spoilers Ruth Langmore Julia Garner NetflixOzark season 3 spoilers: Ruth Langmore could have a brand new plot

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