Fortnite cube COUNTDOWN: End date, finish time, Loot Lake volcano, Battle ...

Fortnite cube is fast approaching its big finale, with fans set to find out the answers to the Battle Royale mystery soon.

It’s long been rumoured that the Fortnite cube will burn seven runes into the Battle Royale map before finally turning on and activating.

And now the Fortnite cube has burnt this seventh rune, right by the spot leaks said it would, with it now heading towards its final destination.

It’s believed that the Fortnite cube is on a path right now towards Loot Lake, which has long been rumoured to be its end-game.

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Fortnite cube COUNTDOWN: Fortnite cube moving to FINAL destination
Fortnite cube moving to Loot Lake, rune 8 DISCOVERED, volcano soon

Fortnite leakers believe the Fortnite cube will turn on and activate there, with Loot Lake turned into a lava-filled area.

It’s also possible that lava will flood Loot Lake after a volcano emerges on the Fortnite Battle Royale map.

However, this is not before the Fortnite cube creates a recently discovered eighth - and final - rune.

After the release of Fortnite update 5.41 on Tuesday dataminers rummaged through the game files to find, for the first time, the eighth rune.

Fortnite cubeFortnite cube - End date and finish time as Loot Lake volcano nears (Image: EPIC GAMES)

And it’s also been claimed that the finish date and end time for the Fortnite cube event has been figured out.

Twitter user @siloxleaks has been charting the course of the Fortnite cube ever since it emerged more than three weeks ago.

And the Fortnite leaker has claimed to have figured out when the Fortnite cube will hit Loot Lake and also when it will turn on.

Fortnite cubeFortnite cube has been the big mystery in Battle Royale for more than three weeks (Image: EPIC GAMES)

On Monday they tweeted: “8th Rune was found in the game files and likely

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