‘They are NOT the same’ - Theresa May REBUFFS Jeremy Hunt’s EU-Soviet ...

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I can tell you that the two organisations are not the same

Theresa May

Jeremy HuntTheresa May has rejected Jeremy Hunt's comparison between the EU and the Soviet Union (Image: GETTY)

Jeremy HuntJeremy Hunt warned the EU it will suffer further disbandment if it keeps member states prisoners (Image: GETTY)

Theresa MayTheresa May said the EU and the Soviet Union 'are not the same' (Image: GETTY)

She said: “I think the point he was making was an important one; it was that we had the biggest democratic exercise in this country’s history, it was the referendum vote in 2016.

“We should be respective of delivering on that vote and across the EU it is important for people to recognise that vote and we need to deliver on that - that was the point he was making.”

Mr Hunt also defended his remarks and stated he was calling on the bloc to respect core European values of self-determination and liberty.

Speaking on CNBC, he said: “Any sensible reading of the speech would see that this was a passionate request and desire for friendship with our European neighbours going forward.

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