Will Soputan volcano erupt again today? #indonesia #earthquake #volcano

Mount Soputan, located in Sulawesi, was recorded to be spewing ash 20,000 feet into the air today.

At the same time a volcano  called Son of Krakatoa, also erupted in Java, Indonesia.

Last Friday, a 7.5 magnitude earthquake, which triggered a tsunami, killed at least 1,407 people. The body count is expected to rise as rescuers probe the rubble of collapsed buildings.

Over the last couple of days, aid planes have been able to reach Palu, the city which was worst affected by the tsunami. 

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Following the earthquake, the first air evacuations also took place around 585 miles (940km) southwest of the volcano in Central Sulawesi. 

However, authorities are now warning that volcanic ash in the air from the volcano could affect air travel once more. 

Will Soputan erupt again today? 

Indonesia’s volcanologists warned that the stratovolcano had been showing signs of restlessness just hours before it exploded. 

ndonesia tsunami: Will Soputan volcano erupt again today?A volcanic eruption from Soputan occurred

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