Here's how to create a Gmail email account

Gmail is a free-for-all service developed by Google, and its intuitive and efficient interface has proved wildly popular with both businesses and the general public.

In addition to offering an enormous 15 GB of storage, its smart filters automatically move messages detected as spam out of your inbox.

Getting up an account is straightfoward.

You first need a Google Account to sign up for Gmail.

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This username and password can also be used to sign in to other Google products like YouTube, Google Play, and Google Drive.

A minor drawback to the email’s popularity is there’s a good chance your first-choice username will already be taken.

And for understandable reasons you cannot have a name very similar to an existing username.

To open Gmail, you can login from a computer, or add your account to the Gmail app on your phone or tablet.

Gmail emailGmail: The email service boasts an intuitive and efficient interface (Image: Getty)

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