#Iran brands 's plan to CRIPPLE economy a ‘DREAM that WON’T COME TRUE’

The Iranian oil minister played down the risks of seeing his country’s oil exports cut to the bone.

The website of Iran's oil ministry, Shana.ir, quoted minister Bijan Zanganeh as saying: "US dream of getting Iran's oil exports effectively to zero won't come true."

Mr Zanganeh, who has been serving as a minister in the Iranian government for the last 32 years, said Mr ’s plan isn’t achievable on the long-term.

However, the minister conceded, South Korea hasn’t bought any Iranian crude “for three continuous months.” 

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Seoul halted Iranian oil loading in July for the first time since 2012, and is yet to signal it will return to buying from Tehran any time soon.

Mr Zanganeh’s bold statement comes after Mr demanded world countries to stop buying oil from Tehran unless they wanted to face sanctions themselves, a move that could cripple Iran's economy as it is heavily based on its oil exports.

Despite the Tehran government said Mr ’s plan is doomed to fail, its leaders have already pleaded to the International Court of Justice (ICJ) to have the US sanctions lifted.

The ICJ, the highest United Nations court, could today order Washington to temporarily suspend the sanctions while it hears Iran’s case in full, more than two months after the Islamic State filed its request. 

Iran news us donald trump world war 3 sanctions oil usaIran dismissed Donald 's promise to bring Tehran's oil exports to zero (Image: GETTY)

The White House branded Iran’s appeal to the ICJ, also known as World Court, as an attempt to misuse the court’s powers.

Iran invoked a little known 1955

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