Germany warns EU is being ‘left behind’ as China RISES to be global ...

Michael Clauss, Germany’s former ambassador to China, warned the EU it was looking “tired” against Beijing’s staggering growth.

The 28th anniversary of the German reunification, today, will be used by Mr Clauss to rouse the EU to action, giving them a reality check on the economic state of the union, during his ceremonial speech.

Mr Clauss will say: “After 200 years of absence, China returns as the major global player, both economically and politically.

“Compared to China’s dynamic, Europe sometimes appears to be a bit tired and exhausted.” 

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Compared to China’s dynamic, Europe sometimes appears to be a bit tired and exhausted

Michael Clauss

Speaking at the Royal Museum for Art and History in Brussels, Mr Clauss will also cite evidence showing Europe is being “left behind” in innovation and sustainable economic success.

He will add: “We are facing enormous strategic challenges as a result of the Sino-Asian rise, politically as well as economically.

“Today, China is the most important driver of globalisation, even the locomotive of the world economy.

“However, this is not a globalisation that corresponds with our European concept of a rules-based international order. 

eu news china economy european union germanyGermany's former ambassador to China warned the EU is looking 'tired' against Beijing's growth (Image: GETTY)

“Rather, it becomes more and

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