Winds and rain set to BATTER Japan and South Korea as Typhoon Kong-rey gets ...

Kong-Rey is currently the equivalent of a Category 3 major hurricane in the Atlantic and East Pacific. 

On Thursday, the storm will track northwest towards the Ryukyu Islands.

The regions of Miyako and Okinawa will face the brunt of Kong-rey’s impact.

Wind speeds could reach more than 160 km/h (100 mph), as well as torrential rainfall. 

There may be damaging winds and downpours in Yaeyama, as well as further north in Amami, Tokara and Osumi. 

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Kong-Rey will move away from the Ryukyu Islands on Friday and weather conditions will improve. 

The storm will move towards the north, but will miss Taiwan and eastern China.

However, South Korea and parts of mainland Japan will be at risk from dangerous weather, which could put people’s lives at risk.

Southern areas of South Korea, as well as western Kyushu and southwestern Honshu, in Japan, will endure the worst of the damaging winds and torrential rainfall.

There may be 4 to 8 inches (100-200 mm) of rainfall in southern South Korea,

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