Bradley Walsh red-faced as Sean Wallace shuts down #TheChase host

Bradley, 56, was helping contestant Laura when the men had a briefly heated exchange during today’s episode of The Chase.

The ITV host was pleased his contestant knew the answer to an ominous question, later asking the Chaser to explain the meaning of a ‘Sandboy.’

Stating he didn’t know the information, Bradley played on the moment by laughing at the Chaser's lack of knowledge.

However, Sean immediately hit back at the quiz host as he tried move on from the question, trying to brush the situation under the carpet.

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And I don’t care, next question

Sean Wallace

Asked, “Proverbially, ‘sandbags’ are supposed to be what?” Laura answered ‘Happy’, against the other options of ‘Sad’ and ‘Angry.’

“You’ve put happy, happy as a Sandboy,” the quiz host remarked, with the player questioning her answer saying: “Yeah. That’s a thing, no?”

Defending her answer, Bradley asked her: “Have you never heard of it?” with Laura admitting she didn’t and the answer was a guest.

As well as Laura getting the answer correct, Sean also knew the answer but Bradley teased the Chaser by asking: “Bet you don’t know what a Sandboy is?”

Sean shook his head, with Bradley laughing at The Dark Destroyer, with Sean replying: “And I don’t care, next question.”

Clearly taken a back by Sean’s response, Bradley lingered for a moment before moving on with the show.

The Chase: Bradley Walsh red-faced as Sean Wallace shuts down hostThe Chase:

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