EMBARRASSING! Macron’s approval rating PLUMMETS amid controversial Cabinet ...

emmanuel macronMacron's approval rating has fallen again (Image: GETTY)

According to poll data published on Wednesday by Kantar Public, 71 percent of those surveyed said they had no confidence in the President’s ability to run the country.

This contrasts with US President Donald ’s approval rating at 40 percent and Theresa May’s at around 30 percent, according to July figures.

After suffering three ministerial resignations, Mr Macron instigated a Cabinet reshuffle last month that has attracted further criticism.

Voters have accused the self-proclaimed centrist of appointing members that shift the Cabinet to the right and of surrounding himself with yes-men.

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Despite his rapidly falling approval, the 40-year-old leader has taken some time off.

Government spokesman Benjamin Griveaux said: “Like millions of French people, it can happen that the President of the Republic takes a few days off.

“For several days, friends have been urging him to rest, eat better and sleep better, but also to stop trying to control government life in the early hours of the night.”

The French President, who was elected in May 2017, was seen as a reformer and an alternative to the polarising campaigns from the left

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