EU BOMBSHELL: How arch-Remainer John Major ‘HID facts’ on Maastricht Treaty

The then Prime Minister was slammed over comments he made about Danish proposals on the controversial and fiercely opposed treaty in October 1992.

The treaty – that established what we now know as the European Union – took almost a year to be ratified as Sir John battled with Labour and Conservative eurosceptics to push it through.

Now, on the 25th anniversary of ratification, a statement accusing the former Tory leader of “misleading the country” has re-emerged. 

It refers to a speech he made at Lancaster House that was intended to pave the way for a Commons vote on a resumption of ratification.

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The Prime Minister is misleading the country

Jack Cunningham

In it, he claimed that the EC – the precursor to the EU – was “getting back on the path” and that Danish demands to water down the treaty would not present a problem.

He added that the Danes would have to “swallow” their proposed amendments.

However, a Foreign Office note delivered to Sir John a week before the speech was delivered claimed the Danish position was “non-negotiable” and “unlikely to be acceptable as it stands to member states”.

As this news came to light, Jack Cunningham, Labour’s foreign affairs spokesman at the time, said: “The Prime Minister is misleading the country and Parliament in his statements on the Danish document.


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