Dark#Heart on ITV: ‘Too much’ Fans distracted by BLURRY scenes

Amidst Dark Heart’s brutal and unwavering plot came a brooding and dark look.

As Will Wagstaffe (played by Tom Riley) sat drenched in darkness and angst throughout his scenes, focus blur and high contrast seemed to cover others.

And although the show maintained its focus throughout the plot-heavy moments, it was too much for some fans.

Viewers began noticing the strange effect throughout the show and quickly wrote their disdain on Twitter.

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One confused fan wrote: “Too much atmospheric lighting, every scene inside dark with a haze. What is going on? #darkheart.”

While a second joked: “Is this filmed all slightly out of focus or have I had way too much beer? #DarkHeart.”

“My volume button is going up and down and what's with the lighting? Can't see faces, no one seems to put their lights on, and despite being summer it's dark during the day #DarkHeart,” added a third.

Others continued to ask: “What’s with the random distorted, fuzzy filter on that one camera on #darkheart.”

Meanwhile other fans claimed they couldn’t watch it, and said: “Never thought that post production could actually make me stop watching something until the fever dream of editing that is #DarkHeart.

“Weird jump cuts, odd colours, random time lapses… Really wanted to like it!”

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