'You're not allowed to say that' Bradley Walsh SLAMS #TheChase contestant after ...

Bradley Walsh, 58, was faced with a dilemmea tonight as one contestant broke the rules on mentioning brands.

Keisha joined her felloe contestants on The Chase to try and win a share of the jackpot prize on the ITV quiz show.

Asking where contestant Keisha worked, Bradley had to call out the player as she mentioned the name of a huge supermarket retailer.

The host then restarted the segment, to breeze over the fact the contestant had made a huge error.

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That’s your fault that is

Contestant Keisha

Keisha, 25, told Bradley she was a sales assistant, with the host enquiring about which retailer she worked for.

Slipping up on the rules of mentioning brands, Keisha revealed she worked at Tesco, with Bradley immediately stepping in to stop the contestant.

“You’re not allowed to say that,” Bradley said with a raised voice as he alerted her to the mistake she had made.

He added: “We can’t do any branding, you can’t say that,” to which Keisha hit back: “That’s your fault that is.”

Stating they would redo the introduction, Bradley told Keisha: “When I say which one, you go, 'one of the big ones'.”

The pair then started the segment again, with Keisha following Bradley’s orders and not mentioning the name of the supermarket.

The Chase: Bradley Walsh FORCED to restart after blunderThe Chase: 'You're not allowed to say that' Bradley Walsh

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