Brexit border WARNING: Northern Ireland risks becoming 'EU PROTECTORATE' after ...

Brexit news: David Trimble and Ireland mapBrexit news: David Trimble warned Northern Ireland could become an EU 'protectorate' (Image: GETTY IMAGES)

The former first minister of Northern Ireland, who was awarded the prestigious accolade for his part in the peace process, said there is a “genuine risk” the territory could be cut off from the rest of the UK after the split.

Lord Trimble blasted Leo Varadkar’s government for “riding roughshod” over the 1998 Good Friday Agreement and accused Dublin of making demands which “go well beyond the avoidance of a hard border”.

And he warned if the UK agrees to Brussels’ terms for the border ‘backstop’ after Brexit, Northern Ireland could end up as an “effective EU protectorate” without politicians in Belfast having any say at all.

The former Ulster Unionist Party leader, now a Tory peer, weighed into the debate with the stark warning in a foreword to a new report by the Policy Exchange think tank.

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Lord Trimble warned if the Prime Minister caves to the EU’s demands, the achievements of the Good Friday Agreement - which was crucial in ending much of the sectarian violence once seen in Northern Ireland - would be at risk.

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