UK weather forecast: Britain to bask in ‘SPARKLING’ autumnal sun with ...

Today will witness a significant improvement in conditions compared to recent days, with blue skies bringing an end to rain and fog across many central areas.

Met Office meteorologist Alex Deakin commented on the conditions, saying: “Not for the first time this week, there will be a bit of frost around first thing on Friday, but overall it will be a sparkling start to what should be a lovely autumn day with lots of sunshine around.”

There will be some exceptions to the sunshine, with a sprinkling of showers pushing into the north-west of Scotland, and conditions will remain cold on Friday morning.

Mr Deakin said: “Further south, it is a cold start and temperatures even in towns and cities will be close to freezing, with a bit of mist and fog around.”

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Overall it will be a sparkling start to what should be a lovely autumn day with lots of sunshine around

Alex Deakin

However, the weather expert noted showers over north-western regions will clear up throughout the morning, and temperatures will soon rise in the sunshine.

He said: “Generally, it is a beautiful looking start to the day, with lots of blue sky around and a bit of sunshine will soon start to lift those temperatures.

“It is going to be a fine day by and large, there will be the odd shower during the morning over north-west England, but these should fade.

“Showers in north-west Scotland will also become fewer and further between.”

UK weather forecastLarge swathes of the UK will bask in 'sparkling' autumnal on Friday (Image:

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