Titanic BOMBSHELL: SHOCK letter written by top officer PREDICTED tragedy DAYS ...

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The British passenger liner famously sank on April 15, 1912, after striking a huge iceberg, sending more than 1,500 passengers and crew to their deaths.  The huge vessel was on a journey from Southampton to New York when disaster unfolded but now, 100 years on, some still refuse to believe the official story of how the Olympic-class liner sunk. Among the popular conspiracies are that the ship was sunk as part of an insurance scam and, although such stories may be far from the truth, there are some bizarre but confirmed tales to emerge from the tragedy. 

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I still don't like this ship... I have a queer feeling about it

Henry Wilde

Henry Wilde, who was the second in command to Captain Edward Smith on board sent a letter to his sister on March 31, 1912, it was revealed in Amazon Prime’s “Titanic Arrogance” documentary.

In the document, he revealed his concerns for Titanic. 

He said “I still don't like this ship... I have a queer feeling about it.”

It was the last message his family

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