'Star Wars Last Jedi and Doctor Who BACKLASHES are the same' Is THIS why fans ...

Doctor Who Star Wars Last Jedi backlashDoctor Who and Star Wars Last Jedi backlashes (Image: BBC/DISNEY)

They are two of the most iconic franchises in modern popular culture. In 2018 both Star Wars and Doctor Who encountered major fan backlashes. Jodi Whitacker's ground-breaking first season as the Gallifrey globe and universe-trotter wraps up this evening on BBC 1 in a series that has seen falling viewer numbers and rumblings of discontent. Star Wars Episode 8 also faced a major backlash on social media and threats of a franchise-wide boycott. Extremists with racist and misogynistic views have been grouped with the frustrated majority who feel the latest incarnations of their beloved franchises have lost sight of their core.  Documentary maker Marc John is currently making Episode Backlash, a film about the Star Wars situation with contributions from fans, and now he is asking the same questions of Doctor Who fans.

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Marc told Express Online: "Some Whovians have already been critical of showrunner Chris Chibnall's storytelling choices, calling out a perceived obsession with political correctness. 

"Are there any 'Whovians' who feel that a similarly perceived political hijacking has occurred within their own beloved sci-fi mythology too? It's open knowledge that the ratings for Doctor Who dropped dramatically over the course of Series 11, from around 10million viewers at the start of the series to a little over 6million at its close a few weeks ago.

"The gulf of opinion on Rotten Tomatoes between mainstream critics (94%) and ordinary fans (26%) is staggering. Doctor Who returns on New Year's Day for a special episode titled Resolution. The fan reaction to

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