‘It’s really weird’ #Emmerdale star Lisa Riley speaks out on reunion with ...

Emmerdale star Lisa Riley, 42, admitted it was “weird” returning to the soap after a 17-year break from the show. Spilling all, she said: “It’s really weird. So much has happened in my life in 17 years. The whole process and the week-to-week roster is really different. They’ve been really kind and eased me in slowly.”

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They’ve been really kind and eased me in slowly

Lisa Riley

But hinting she may not be sticking around for long, she added: “I haven’t got a fully-fledged pass yet, I’m still on a guest pass!”

Lisa also refrained from giving anything away on a possible reunion with her ex-husband Paddy.

When asked if she still has feelings for him, she added to OK! Magazine: “I don’t want to give that away.

“I think that would ruin it for everybody.”

But Lisa previously teased what’s in store for her character return.

She told The Mirror: “She’s still in Southhampton and something has happened to her.

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