Theresa May's divisive withdrawal plan will STOP #Brexit – 'won't happen!'

Theresa May has been battling discontent amidst the pro-Leave ranks of the Conservative Party due to her refusal to abandon the proposed Brexit withdrawal deal she agreed to with the European Union. Brexiteers have claimed the deal would lock Britain into a close trade relationship with the bloc despite the demands to put an end to current arrangements voiced during the 2016 referendum. Correspondent Lara Marlowe warned Mrs May's decision to postpone the parliamentary vote on her proposed deal could signal Brexit "won't happen".

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Speaking to France 24, Ms Marlowe said: "I personally – and this is just a hunch, it’s not empirical because you cannot be empirical about Brexit because it’s the biggest mess we’ve ever seen – I don’t think it’s going to happen.

"I think there will be a second referendum. Theresa May has now postponed the parliamentary vote on her negotiated plan until January. There’s a lot of pressure."

Brexiteers have rejected pleas from Theresa May to back her divisive deal - with prominent Leave supporter Sir Bill Cash making it his New Year’s Resolution not to back the Prime Minister’s terms.

Ms Marlowe continued: "Her own party is torn apart between Remainers and Leavers and so on and so forth. I think there will be a second referendum.

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Brexit news - Lara Marlowe and Theresa MayBrexit news: Mrs May has been facing growing dissent due to her draft deal (Image: FRANCE 24•ITV)

"The question then is will

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