Man caught in VERY curious position by #GoogleMaps Street View - what is he ...

google maps street view weird photo man binGoogle Maps Street View: Weird photo shows man caught in VERY curious position (Image: Google Maps)

Google Maps Street View has photographed a man in a very unusual position at the side of a street. The Google image shows the man standing directly in front of a large bin with his head stuck through the small hole at the top. The effect of the photo is very funny indeed as his head has completely disappeared into the receptacle. All that can be seen is his body which is pressed against the green bin and his arms holding onto the sides.

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Google Maps Street View: Weird photo shows man caught in VERY curious position

It is possible the man is searching for something in the bin but it is likely his head is blocking out any light.

What’s more, the hole is so small he could struggle to fish anything out if he were to try.

To make the image even more amusing, a dog is standing just to the side on the pavement.

The animal looks as though it is standing guard on the lookout in case the man is interrupted.

Unfortunately, Google users will never know if the man found what he was looking for - or if he managed to get his head out intact.

The still image gives no further explanation for what is going on so viewers are simply left to speculate.

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