Jodie Whittaker to fight Cybermen in new series after return of DALEKS on ...

Jodie, 36, and her team faced the deadly Daleks for the first time in last night’s New Year’s Day special of Doctor Who.

As the thirteenth incarnation of the iconic Time Lord, Jodie had faced a whole new batch of aliens in her debut series.

Ahead of season 11, BBC show boss Chris Chibnall, 49, had stated the robotic creatures would not go up against the first ever female portrayal of the Doctor.

However, after the Daleks made an explosive return, Chris hasn’t ruled out any more sinister comebacks in the future.

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Maybe we’ll do some more

Chris Chibnall

Following a screening of the special last month, Chris told press: “Knowing that we would have no old monsters in the series was really a build-up for the special.

“When the Dalek appears… it’s hopefully exciting. It feels rare, and fresh, and thrilling,” he continued.

After asking if the audience liked the deadly foes facing the Doctor once more, Chris hinted: “Well, maybe we’ll do some more then… I’ll have a think.”

Does this mean the Doctor will come face-to-face with the likes of the Cybermen in season 12, or maybe another enemy such as the Sontarans?

Chris also didn’t rule out another battle with the Daleks in the future, admitting the two alien species will never see eye-to-eye.

Speaking about her Doctor facing the robotic creatures, Jodie added: “For Whovians and new Whovians, this is as epic for you guys as it is for us, because this is the first time for some fans that they encounter this particular moment

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