#DoctorWho Resolution: What happened to UNIT? Will UNIT return to Doctor Who?

Doctor Who fans last night (Tuesday, January 1) were dealt a shock after it was revealed that UNIT (the Unified Intelligence Taskforce) had been shut down in the New Year’s Day special on BBC One. Resolution saw The Doctor (played by Jodie Whittaker) try to contact UNIT only to be told they had closed “following financial disputes and subsequent funding withdrawal”. UNIT fans were left wondering what happened to the defence force led by Kate Stewart (Jemma Redgrave).

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What happened to UNIT in Doctor Who?

As part of her efforts to defeat the Dalek in Resolution, The Doctor tried to call UNIT.

However, her call was put through to the “UK Security Helpline” where she spoke to Polly (Laura Evelyn).

After The Doctor asked Polly to put her through to UNIT, Polly said: “Oh, I’m so sorry. UNIT operations have been suspended, pending review.”

The Doctor replied: “What? No, it can’t have been. UNIT is a fundamentally vital protection for planet Earth against alien invasion. What happened to it?”


still from doctor who resolutionDoctor Who fans were left wondering what happened to UNIT after the events of Doctor Who: Resolution (Image: BBC)

Polly answered: “All UNIT operations were put on hold following financial disputes and subsequent funding withdrawal by the UK’s major international partners.”

Within the timeline of Doctor Who, UNIT (originally called the United Nations Intelligence Taskforce) was formed sometime around 1979 to defend the Earth against potential alien threats.

This was established in their first appearance on the BBC One show in Second Doctor (Patrick Troughton) story The Invasion,

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