Scientist BAFFLED as simple exercise takes brain into ‘enlightenment stage’ ...

Dr Daniel Goleman is a psychologist, lecturer and science journalist who researches the brain and emotions.  He recently revealed a recent study into Olympic-level meditators produced some incredible results. Dr Goleman detailed how medication can help trick the brain and produce gamma waves – which heighten our sense of smell, touch, taste and vision. 

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However, this feeling, which we experience for less than a second when we bite into an apple, can have lasting effects on meditators.

Dr Coleman revealed to BigThink: “What was stunning was Olympic-level meditators – this is people who have done up to 62,000 hours of meditation – have gamma present all the time. 

“It’s not just during meditation but it is their everyday state of mind. 

“We have no idea what that means, science has never seen it

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