Conservative Party highlights #Labour manifesto pledge they say will add ...

Jeremy CorbynLabour leader Jeremy Corbyn's plans would add £2,000 to fuel bills, claim Tories (Image: GETTY)

The analysis suggests Mr Corbyn’s radical energy, climate change and nationalisation plans would result in the average household energy bill increasing to £3,000. Mr Corbyn has vowed to cap bills at £1,000 a year – but the study, commissioned by the Conservative Party, suggests his plans would push them up significantly. Energy watchdog Ofgem puts the average annual duel fuel bill at £1,138 a year – but if the Tory figures are correct, the Labour leader’s ideas would result in them almost tripling.

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The analysis also suggests the UK’s 27 million households would need to pay £287 each today for Mr Corbyn’s planned £7.8billion nationalisation Britain’s power network, the National Grid.

Mr Corbyn also wants to introduce a system similar to Germany, whereby consumers have the option to buy energy from municipal utilities or co-operatives.

But the study suggests this would cost households an extra £242 a year.

Furthermore, the ambitious Swansea Tidal Lagoon plan would cost £20billion more than energy from other sources - equal to £700 per household.

Claire PerryEnergy Minister Claire Perry claimed Labour was making "an impossible promise" (Image: GETTY)

Labour are making an impossible promise on energy, and would raise bills by almost £2,000 for every family in the country

Energy Minister Claire Perry

Additionally, the investment in infrastructure required to meet Labour’s manifesto commitment to get 60 percent of electricity from renewable sources by the end of the decade would add another £760 to bills.

A Conservative Party spokesman said: "With bills already soaring, families would be asked to contribute more through their taxes, as a Corbyn-led government would struggle to maintain

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