Jack the Ripper BOMBSHELL: Was notorious serial killer MURDERED by his WIFE?

Jack the Ripper BOMBSHELL: Was notorious serial killer MURDERED by his WIFE?
Jack the Ripper BOMBSHELL: Was notorious serial killer MURDERED by his WIFE?

Jack the Ripper killed at least five women in 1888, in a horrific string of murders that shook London and made headlines all over the nation. The murders are still among Britain’s most chilling unsolved mysteries. Author Bruce Robinson claims he has uncovered the Ripper’s true identity, and how the establishment colluded to cover it up to protect one of their own.

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Mr Robinson, who is well-known for writing the screenplay of “Withnail & I”, makes the extraordinary claims in  “They All Love Jack: Busting the Ripper”.

In the 2015 book, he offers up the names of brothers James and Michael Maybrick as suspects in the Ripper murders.

He claims that Scotland Yard believed that the wealthy merchant James Maybrick was the Ripper at the time of the murders, but chose not to bring him to justice.

His evidence includes Maybrick’s masonic ties, which Mr Robinson believes are central to the case, alongside matching the dates when the Liverpool merchant visited London in 1888 to the Ripper murders.

Jack the Ripper headlinesHeadlines during the Ripper murders of 1888 (Image: Getty)

He also points to the Americanisms used in the famous Ripper letters that were sent to the Metropolitan Police, and the fact that James was married to an American. 

In a second twist, however, Mr Robinson posits that Michael Maybrick framed his brother James as the Ripper, and actually committed the murders himself.

He points out that the postmarks on Ripper letters match London residences of Michael’s, and that he frequently stayed at Toynbee Hall in Whitechapel, in the heart of the murder sites.

Michael was a famous composer and singer, whose existence, Robinson says, has mysteriously been expunged from the archives.

Ripper letterOne of the infamous Ripper letters sent to Scotland Yard (Image: Getty)

However, the shocking revelations around the Maybricks do not end there.

To complete the picture, we must turn to a little-remembered murder case in Liverpool in 1889, in the spring

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