#Etna Fresh eruption warnings issued as Italian volcano continues to rumble

Mount EtnaMount Etna could be poised to erupt again (Image: GETTY)

taly’s National Institute of Geophysics and Volcanology (INGV) has said as much of six million cubic metres of lava has spewed out of Mount Etna since a new fissure opened up on Christmas Eve, covering an area of just over one square kilometre. The VolcanoDiscovery website warned: “Although no more lava is being erupted right now, strong gas and dense ash emissions continue from the Bocca Nuova crater as a sign that magma is close to the surface.” Seismic activity in the area remains high, with a 4.8 magnitude earthquake on Boxing Day hitting an area north of Catania ,damaging buildings and injuring about 30 people.

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This was followed by an estimated 1,000 aftershocks, including another quake measuring 3.4 in magnitude in the same area which hit on December 30.

The website pointing out the shallow depth of both – less than a mile and a half – “could indicate another intrusion beneath the area”.

Etna volcano in Sicily remained highly active at the moment despite no lava being erupted at the moment, according to VolcanoDiscovery’s latest updates.

There has been an estimated €100 million in damages so far following numerous earthquakes.

Mount EtnaMount Etna is Europe's most active volcano (Image: GETTY)

Seismic activity has continued in the early hours of the day, following a magnitude 3.4 earthquake yesterday evening at around 7.30pm local time.

VolcanoDiscovery also pointed out that the earthquakes at the shallow depths of 1-8km “could indicate another intrusion beneath the area”.

INGV volcano expert Eugenio Privitera told Sicilian media “ground deformation monitoring is being

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