FULL LIST of phones #WhatsApp no longer supports

WhatsApp is the world’s most popular messaging platform, boasting 1.5 billion regular users. The free app is one of the most secure available, due to the incorporation of end-to-end encryption. And another reason for WhatsApp's enduring popularity is the regular introduction of new features, such as stickers and group calls.

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However, a recent WhatsApp update has been less welcome, after leaving many users unable to access the service.

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WhatsApp statement

WhatsApp has ended support for the Nokia S40 platform in 2019, meaning many users are no unable to use its the popular messaging app.

This change is likely to prove potentially problematic for some people, especially older WhatsApp users who are not used to keeping up-to-date with the latest models.

And the change cold also be troublesome for low-income families.

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WhatsApp logo updateWhatsApp: Many fans are now unable to access the service (Image: Getty)

WhatsApp for desktopWhatsApp: The platform has ended support for Nokia S40 phones (Image: Getty)

The last phone running the S40 platform was the Nokia 515, released in 2013.

Some time ago WhatsApp prevented these devices from registering with the service.

Phones that already had installed and verified their account could carry on accessing the service until December 31 but will no longer connect from January 1.

Those with the affected gadgets

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