#DancingOnIce 2019: Gemma Collins hits back at Philip Schofield ‘QUIT’ ...

Dancing on Ice presenter Phillip Schofield revealed he and co-star Holly Willoughby believed Gemma Collins would have quit before the very first show.

However, Phillip was quite kind with his review, saying Gemma is “brilliant” and he’s happy she is still in the show.

Speaking to Express.co.uk, Phillip said: “There’s the big GC who is so funny and so brilliant and still so in the show, which is amazing.

“Because we said, ‘She’s never going to do this! She’s never going to do it!’ but she’s loving it.”

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We said, ‘She’s never going to do this! She’s never going to do it!’ but she’s loving it

Phillip Schofield

Gemma, who is partnered with professional ice skater Matt Evers, hit back at Phillip suggesting she was going to quit the programme like previous reality show appearances.

Gemma told Express.co.uk: “Yeah, probably but like, to be honest hun, it’s all good TV. This is what it’s about.

“The GC’s about the drama. Is she, isn’t she? Yeah, I’m going to prove a lot of people wrong and that’s the bit I can’t wait for.

“Like, if they said to me, ‘Right, you’re filming the show tomorrow, am I ready?’ Hell yes I’m ready! I’m not here to take part, I’m here to take over.

“And I’ve got a fighting spirit on this show. And everyone, I’ve just got to be honest, is doing so well.”

Noting how Phillip and Holly don’t present in skates, Gemma added: “Because unless you can put a pair of skates on

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