Bradley Walsh and Son: ‘It made us ill’ The Chase host spills all on new ...

Bradley Walsh & Son: Breaking Dad will see the pair travelling over 2,000 miles from Los Angeles to New Orleans.

This isn’t the first show the pair have filmed together, with Dangerous Adventures for Boys recorded when Barney was just 10.

However, on their latest adventure, the father and son were left “ill” during filming.

Bradley and Barney revealed they “pushed themselves too hard” while recording challenges.

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It actually made us ill for a couple of days didn’t it? It actually made us ill

Bradley Walsh

Appearing on This Morning earlier today, they admitted the trip itinerary was “seriously intense”.

Barney, 21, said: “I don’t want to spoil it because it’s in a later episode but there was one point that I thought I’d taken it too far.

“I had to do the activity first and I was like, ‘Wow, this is tough.'”

The Chase presenter added: “It actually made us ill for a couple of days didn’t it? It actually made us ill.”

When asked if they had fallen out while on the journey, Bradley, 58, teased: “Only out of a plane.”

Bradley is said to be keen to experience relaxing trips while Barney

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