The Chase's Mark Labbett mocks Bradley Walsh over new show appearance ...

Bradley Walsh, 58, bravely launched himself out of an aircraft at 12,000 feet, strapped to a seasoned skydiver in tonight’s first instalment of the ITV road trip show. The broadcaster later tweeted a hilarious clip of the nervous presenter falling through the air and cursing loudly in fear, saying: “This video is for every Chaser who Brad has wound up over the years.” Chaser Mark Labbett, 53, quickly took the opportunity to tease Bradley, commenting: “He has just failed his audition for James Bond, Bradley Walsh, licensed to swear. Not tough enough to be a Chaser.”

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Bradley Walsh, licensed to swear. Not tough enough to be a Chaser

Mark Labbett

“Fighting talk from The Beast!” ITV added, retweeting his post.

“I am the reincarnation of Jaws,” Mark joked. “He never said a word even when his parachute failed.”

The cheeky jibe didn’t go unnoticed by fans, with one replying: “Come on ITV, that’s the gauntlet thrown.

“Chaser version of the series and we’ll finally see who is ‘tough enough.'”

The build-up to Bradley and Barney’s plane jump saw the Doctor Who actor making no secret of his nerves.

With the cameras following them en-route to the location, he asked his son: “I am sweating though, are you sweating? 

“You’re nervous aren’t you?” Barney said, to which Bradley replied: “Of course I’m

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