#GraceAndFrankie: Who is Shawndra Blyle? Here's why she honoured in season 5

Grace and Frankie season five was released in January 2019 after the series gained a global fanbase amongst viewers. The fifth season proved to a be a hit with subscribers who were left transfixed by the drama on-screen. One factor that set Grace and Frankie season five aside from its previous series is how the latest season was made in honour of people close to the cast and crew. One such honouree is Shawndra Blyle and here’s what you need to know about why she was honoured.

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Who is Shawndra Blyle from Grace and Frankie season 5?

Shawndra Blyle was the mother of Grace and Frankie crew member Bobby Blyle.

Bobby has worked as the assistant to Lily Tomlin (who plays Frankie Bergstein) since the first episode of season two.

Grace and Frankie season five honoured the memory of Bobby’s mother Shawndra after her death in 2017.

In a Facebook post dated to September 8, 2017, one of Shawndra’s best friends broke the heartbreaking news on social media.

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Grace and Frankie season 5: The cast and crewGrace and Frankie season 5: The cast and crew (Image: Getty)

The Facebook post read: “I lost my best friend yesterday to cancer.

“Shawndra Blyle is now in the arms of our Lord. We had to have been sisters in a life before this one. She was the ear that I could share good things and bad things with, and she would cry with me or congratulate me. Can never replace her.

“Please say a prayer for her daughter Bobbie Blyle

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