#DancingOnIce's Ashley Banjo feared for Gemma Collins after THAT 'scary' fall

Ashley Banjo, a judge on ITV’s Dancing On Ice, commended Gemma Collins for getting up after her horrendous fall on Sunday’s show.

The former Britain’s Got Talent champion described the incident as “scary” and feared she would not continue with the performance.

“Me, Jayne [Torvill], Chris [Dean] and Jason [Gardiner] were probably the only people in the country who had the view we had,” he told HuffPost UK.

“Everybody else had the opposing view with the cameras behind, but we literally saw her face go hurtling towards the ice, so it was quite scary because she was skating at us when it happened.”

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It was quite scary because she was skating at us when it happened.

Ashley Banjo,

Admitting he thought The Only Way Is Essex star would not get up following her fall, the 30-year-old added: “I didn't think she was getting up to be honest, because what you can't get with a camera is the complete physicality of it.

"There was a real thud and the ice is just so unforgiving - she hit it flat-on."

Praising the 37-year-old TV personality, he went on to say: “She had my respect when she got up, definitely.”

Gemma has been very vocal about her tumble on the ice and slammed those who claimed her terrifying fall was staged.

“It definitely wasn’t faked, one million per cent,” she told The Sun. “If they knew

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