EU PANIC: No-deal Brexit could be 'CATASTROPHIC' for Ireland claims QT panellist

BBC QUESTION TIME: Camilla Tominey bullish EU claimBBC QUESTION TIME: Camilla Tominey bullish EU claim (Image: BBC)

The Daily Telegraph’s associate editor insisted that the EU and in particular Ireland, have far more to fear than the UK from a no-deal scenario and will therefore do all they can to stop it. Ms Tominey insisted that the public are far less worried about a no-deal Brexit and are in fact, more at ease with the scenario than MPs. As Ms Tominey fired: “Some people on the panel are stockpiling hysteria, I’m going to stockpile optimism.

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“The public are realists but people aren’t scaremongering as if it’s Project Fear all over again.

“The consequences of a no-deal for Ireland are potentially catastrophic.”

Ms Tominey’s comments come after a recent study conducted by Imperial College London and the University of Liverpool which suggested that there could be an extra 12,000 deaths between 2021 and 2030.

They attribute the figures to the rising prices of fruit and vegetables as a result of the UK leaving the EU.

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