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Convicting A Murderer is set to send shockwaves around the world as it provides an alternative view and update of Steven Avery’s case. Avery’s first-degree murder conviction for the homicide of Teresa Halbach gained worldwide attention following ’s Making A Murderer and he’s now gained global support after the docu-series. Convicting A Murderer aims to take a different approach to the series as it includes interviews with members of US law enforcement and the prosecution which weren’t included in Making A Murderer. But will Avery himself appear in Convicting A Murderer? Express.co.uk exclusively spoke with the show's filmmaker Shawn Rech to find out.

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Convicting A Murderer will interview a number of people closely connected to Steven Avery’s murder trial and the aftermath of his conviction.

Making A Murderer on also featured several interviews with subjects involved with the trial, but failed to include discussions with members of the prosecution.

Prosecution lawyer Ken Kratz and police officer Andrew Colburn – who is currently suing Making A Murderer for his portrayal in the series – are just two members of law enforcement involved in Convicting A Murder who declined to be interviewed for the series.

Avery himself, who still remains incarcerated, features prominently in Making A Murderer but Convicting A Murderer creator Shawn Rech has exclusively told Express.co.uk he does not want to be interviewed in the spin-off series.


Convicting A Murderer: Avery in jailConvicting A Murderer: Avery in jail (Image: )

Rech said: “I was told that he asked people not to participate and co-operate with us.

“I take that as meaning he won’t, but I’m trying to get his attorney (Kathleen Zellner) to get on and answer some of the things these people have to say.

“I want his attorney to come on and confront Kratz with what he has to say. and confront Colburn.

“But I’m still waiting on an answer. They said: “We’ll let you know”, but this is months now.”

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